This little unknown country might not have so much to offer but it definitely reperesents a lovely West African experience. Beautiful nature, great hikes, hassle-free cities, voodoo rituals, motorcycle adrenaline and lots of beer. Welcome to Togo! Info: Languages: French (official), Ewe, others Religion: Animism (50%, Christian (35%), Islam (15%) Currency: CFA (1€=655 CFA) Price … Continue reading Togo


Mauritania has definitely been the most interesting as well as the strangest traveling experience so far. Stunning views, beautiful landscape, enormous heat and an interesting, to me a bit strange culture. Info: Languages: Hassanyia arabic, french Religion: Islam Visa: Available on arrival, one month visa costs 52€ for european citizens Currency: Ouguiya (MRO) Exchange rate: … Continue reading Mauritania

Black & white

I recently read an article in the news about Germany and its “Marshall plan for Africa.” Marshall plan for Africa. Seriously? Sounds like white supremacy at its best. This article made me put together my thoughts about the problems of black and white, racism, marginalization, supremacy, curiosity, diversity, equality and so on. What is racism … Continue reading Black & white